A Mad Tea Party!

Welcome friends to my mad tea party. This lovely event is hosted by A Fanciful Twist. Be sure and pop over there to find links to all of the other tea parties!

And now I invite you to take part in my Mad Tea Party.

Once up on a time, a man named Hatter was having a lovely tea with Dinah.

Dinah dear where is Alice? It is such a wonderful day for tea!
Off chasing a rabbit somewhere I'm sure! I don't think,
then you shouldn't talk, said the Hatter.”

Dinah, did you hear that? It sounded like thunder. I do hope our day is not ruined. 
That...that's..not thunder Hatter that is a Jaberwock!!

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun. The frumious Bandersnatch!


The Jaberwock bit the Hatter! Dinah was able to escape safely, but where is Alice?
Alice!! Alice where are you?? the Hatter called
Run Alice run!
As Alice tried to escape the Hatter, she fell down a rabbit hole. 
When she reached the bottom, she saw a door with a strange sign on it

Opening the door, she figures it can't be any worse than what she just escaped!
But oh no! The Hatter has fallen down the rabbit hole as well!
Unable to avoid him in these tight quarters he was able to scratch Alice! 
His attention doesn't stay on her for long, as a white rabbit comes bounding out. 

And apparently you turn into a doll when entering Wonderland. Pretty weird huh
Feeling full and tired Alice and the Hatter sit back and relax, but not for long!

Off in the distance, they hear a shout "Off with their heads!"
The Red Queen is coming! She has captured Alice! Take her to the rose garden for burial!
Zombies always make the best fertilizer.

The Hatter escaped for now, but what the future holds nobody knows (until the sequel!)
And so ends our tale of Alice in Zombieland.

Be careful fellow party goers, you never know when a Jaberwock is lurking around the corner.

I hope you enjoyed my tea party!  Thank you for visiting!


p.s. The zombie dolls were handmade by me, (the Red Queen is a Living Dead Doll - I did not make her!)
The dolls will be for sale, but may not be up in my online shop until after a show I'm getting ready for.
I will also have some postcards of the Jaberwock available soon!

p.p.s A big thank you to my awesome husband, delightful niece and crazy daughter for being a good sports about playing dress up when I have a crazy whim!

p.p.s. Combing Alice and Zombies was a no brainer (ha!) for me. I haven't seen it done before, so if some hollywood bigwig sees this and steals it - well you saw it here first! (or not, I didn't go searching the net to see if had been done before!!)