Adventurous Courage

Daring. Not a word I think of often enough. This year though I am choosing to be daring. Defined as adventurous courage, daring is how I need to live my life and my offerings this yea. I feel as though I'm at a turning point. I can either break free of my self imposed restraints, fully embrace and move into the life I want, or I can retreat and potentially not be able to break free again. 

I choose the former. Adventurous courage. It sounds so magically empowering. Originally I had chosen to focus on consistency, then last week when I was in circle with the other women in the Intentional Creativity™ Leadership Council and felt consistency didn't fully encompass my goals for the year. That's not to say I won't be focusing on consistency, but I needed a more dynamic goal that didn't only include writing a blog a week or posting work in process photos. 

Daring is being bold enough to put my vulnerability on the page every week. Daring is being willing to be authentic. Daring is a take no prisoners, fuck the haters, do what you want attitude that I have been sorely missing the past several years. Consistency will follow, but daring needs to come first. 

I have been in a major funk since hearing about David Bowie's death last week. I keep thinking about how when faced with his own mortality he didn't give up and become complacent, or retreat into himself as most people would. He dared to create his own epitaph, one final album for himself, for his fans before leaving this mortal could. Even as he was dying he was doing what he loved. That is the measure of a true artist and the ideal I will hold myself to this year as I strive to be daring in my work and life. There are no valid excuses anymore. If David Bowie can live his passion and his work while dying, me saying I don't have time or whatever reason I give myself holds no weight. 

I often hear when I am working with people the myriad of excuses from "I don't have time", to "I didn't have the right supplies", to "I didn't feel like it today" and a number of others and have come to the conclusion that if they are constantly making excuses about why they couldn't work on their dream, then it is not the dream for them. Maybe they think it's what they should be doing, or they are caught up in the glamour of the outcome that might follow (I'll be a famous author! My painting will be in MOMA!, etc.), but those are not the right reasons. 

The work itself is hard, it's not glamorous and there will be days you feel like quitting, but if what you are working on is truly your passion, the thing you were put on earth to create, you will work on it no matter what. Everyday. No excuses. 

If you can't find 10 minutes a day to work on your dream, then it sounds like you aren't all that passionate about your work and need to find something you are passionate enough about to work on everyday. Think of it this way - if you found out you were dying, what is the work you want to create? What epitaph will you leave? I hope you join me this year in being adventurous in your courage. What steps will you take to be more daring?