Brightening the Path

This year I have been on a 9 month vision quest with Shiloh Sophia to become a certified Color of Woman™ teacher and Intentional Creativity™ coach. This week was our graduation week in Healdsburg California. 

As I sat in council with my fellow Red Thread Nation™ members I felt a sense of excitement for not only my future, but the future of all women globally. There are so many women working in this movement who will make a difference. We are the change the world needs. We are the weaver of dreams and peace bringers. Women are reaching out and searching for sisterhood. Those of us who were put on the path to become facilitators of dreams and awakening women to the power of creating their own lives, their own paths and truths, have heard the cries. 

I have stepped fully onto this path with an open heart and can't wait to share my knowledge and tools with as many women as possible. As we sat in circle this weekend and heartstormed our futures, the path seems a little brighter. Each woman lighting her candle along the way and brightening the path for the next.